The Key to Success: BeAngels Celebrates 20 Years

This month, the beautiful Hotel de Mérode was the location of a packed real-life event in the heart of Brussels, the celebration of 20 years of existence, development, and success of BeAngels. The network’s CEO, Claire Munck has been at its helm for a decade, and has helped the network to transform from a traditional angel network to an innovative and thriving hybrid finance organization. Read on to discover how she achieved this successful balancing act.

The Key to Success

“In 20 years, we have evolved from a traditional angel network to what we could refer to as a “hybrid finance organization”: a mix between a community of angels, who know and like to meet each other, and a digitally driven organization that supports a range of investment products.

The platform helps us industrialize our back office. We are able to onboard higher number of investments, deals, and transactions thanks to it. For our investors active in investment vehicles, they have access to their start-up portfolio at any time; it is a perfect place to also keep receiving company updates, to follow-up on new investments and re-investments.

The digital side cannot substitute meeting entrepreneurs in flesh, and to share ideas, opportunities and issues with portfolio companies with fellow investors.

Both are needed and inseparable. We can grow our community of angel investors because we increase the quality and quantity of our investment products. This is the key to the success.”