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IAG is the main angel group in Italy and constantly ranks as one of the most active early stage investor in the country. Its members have invested in excess of €12M in deals in Italy, Europe, USA and Israel. and they are strongly committed to promoting entrepreneurship as an engine for growth.


Ban Vlaanderen is the Flemish business angels network, founded in 1999. Its goal is to stimulate the economic growth in Belgium by developing, guiding and promoting entrepreneurship by bringing together capital-seeking entrepreneurs and private investors (business angels).


Angels Santé - Angels for Health (France) was founded in 2008. It has 90+ members. Most members are based in France it is expanding to Europe. Angels Santé is exclusively investing in high-growth companies focused on Healthcare (Biotech, Medtech companies, Diagnostics, e-Health...)


Created in 2004, the association "Les Business Angels des Grandes Écoles" (BADGE) is one of the leading networks of Business Angels in France. Many of our members come from engineering or management schools, but many other skills and experiences are represented.


The Club of more than 150 members mainly acquires minority stakes in innovative start-ups and small enterprises, in all sectors of innovation. It has invested more than 10 million euros in more than 20 companies. Thanks to a network of co-investors, these companies have received more than 40 million euros in capital funding.

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CEO Angels Club is a group of senior executives and entrepreneurs related to Bulgaria investing their own money in early stage startups in return for equity. Our members make their own investment decisions and they can invest together or individually. CEO BAN is the strongest angel network in Bulgaria. 

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Green Angel Ventures is a network of business angels focused on sustainable enterprises. It provides experience, valuable contacts, and capital to emerging companies in the green sector. Through active engagement, it promotes entrepreneurship and guides founders towards independence, serving as a crucial link between investors and sustainable businesses.


Paris Business Angels (France) was founded in 2004 and represents 150 angels. It is based in France and its mission is to contribute to the development of innovative high-growth companies. It has been investing in 175 start-ups for € 23 million.

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Be Angels was formed in 1999 and brings together entrepreneurs looking for support and financial means and private investors, Business Angels, ready to invest in promising companies. Be Angels operates in Belgium, Luxembourg and the North of France with English as main language


Formed in 2003, IESE BAN brings together 141 members, all eager to explore synergies in order to help create new enterprises. Open to IESE alumni and any entrepreneur or investor, the network does not function as a traditional investment club requiring an upfront investment commitment;.


FBA is the only female network of Business Angels in France and the first in Europe. FBA brings together more than 130 women who invest individually and accompany developing start-ups, carried by men or women. 


APER supports startups based on our previous experience as well as through a unique model of co-investment with a network of business angels, who are often experienced entrepreneurs who, by investing their own funds directly in a startup, add value to it in the form of business experience and relationships.

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Business Angels Connect is one of the largest Dutch angel network. It's focus is on Green and Chemtech, as well as on Healthtech. BAC is renowned for its strong cross border connections in Germany. 


BayStartUP (Germany) runs the Bavarian network for business angels and all kind of investors that are interested in fast growing young companies. There are more than 200 business angels and around 100 institutional investors listed. BayStartUP arranges financings of circa €20 to €30 Million.

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Formed in 2006, APBA represents the 2 main Portuguese business’s angels networks and 12 investment vehicles, With more than 150 business angels, APBA screens more than 100 deals per year and its members have an investment commitment of around €5,9 million for the period 2017-2018. 

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AWS i2 Business Angels has been providing Austria's most important, independent and nationwide National Angels Matching Service since 1997 between equity seeking companies (start-ups and existing SMEs) and business angels.

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Anges Québec’s mission is to help its angel investor members obtain the most profitable return on their angel investments. To this end, Anges Québec identifies the best entrepreneurs in innovation and real estate promotors while supporting its members who invest in businesses meeting their criteria. 

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TechAngels is actively contributing to the development of tech businesses from Romania and South-Eastern Europe through investment, expertise and connections since 2013. TechAngels is the biggest and strongest angel investor network from Romania.

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BACB is a Berlin-based business angels network that was founded in 1999. It primarily provides experience, contacts, and capital to young companies and helps to promote entrepreneurial activity, and accompanies founders on their way to independence.

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