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The BAE Club brings together the best performing angel networks in Europe & Canada and holds multiple cross border E-pitching sessions per year.

With our E-Pitch we are able to close the gap between start-ups and their need of scaling-up internationally. By bringing together the leading networks in Europe (& Quebec), we form a bridge that allows for the harmonization of knowledge, network and deal sharing.

With a fragmented European market, we believe that the BAE Club E-Pitch can help scale our startup-portfolio across borders. With our E-Pitch we provide Business Angels with the opportunity to invest in start-ups that are supported by other angel networks. By doing this we enable Business Angels to act as harbor pilots for these portfolio start ups into new markets. This ties into the overall goal of BAE: creating a true European angel-market.

Business Angels Europe organizes several pitching sessions per year. For these sessions we rely on our angel networks to bring forward their most promising start-ups. We are proud to be partnering with Dealum, allowing us to streamline cross border syndication.

In the BAE Club E-Pitch, we are looking for: 


  • That have already received funding by the angels from a member network;                                                 

  • Are looking for angel investors for their next follow on/series A investment round;                                

  • Are explicitly looking for business angels from other countries, to scale quicker into those markets.

                          Business Angels:

  • Who are interested in investing in a company from another country;                                                                   

  • Are member of one of our BAE Club angel networks.                            

Average amount of attending investors: 70

Total amount of e-pitches per session: 5

Download our E-PITCH briefing below:

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