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The Business Angels Europe Club presents its data: 134 million EUR invested in early stage startups

During their yearly benchmarking event, the BAE Club members presented their data of 2019.

The steady trend of rising investments per network is also showing in 2019. In total, the 17 BAE Club members invest more than 134 million EUR in the real economy. This is up from 107 million EUR in 2018. It is testimony to the importance of angel networks for the startup economy, as well as to the success of the BAE Club, which had the privilege of welcoming 6 new members since May 2019.

Bio/Medtech remained the biggest investment sector, with IT being a close second. Transport and Mobility is the quickest rising investment sector.

The Business Angels Europe Club consists of 17 of the best performing angel groups from 13 countries in Europe (and Canada). Together, they have monthly networking calls and present the top startups from their portfolio during 3 cross border E-pitches every year. Once per year, the Club has their benchmarking event to share and discuss important topics and share data.

Next to data sharing, this edition brough insightful presentations by Yoram Wijngaarde of on European investment trends, as well as from Francisco Pinto from Bynd.VC and APBA on cross border syndication. The event was powered by Euroquity, and Startup Includer, all of which were featured with presentations and demos.

With the decade coming to a close, it is worthwhile to look at the long term trends of the BAE Club.

The median amount of angels per BAE Club member is 165, slightly down from 173 in 2018, but significantly larger than the 150 angels per club member in 2016.

The median amount of deals per angel network was 2.5 times bigger, from 9 deals in 2011 to 23 deals in 2019.

The median invested amount of BAE Club members has more than doubled, from 2.34 million EUR in 2011, to 5.1 million EUR in 2019.


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