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BAE Welcomes New Board and Elects Reginald Vossen as President

BAE has recently appointed a new board for a two-year period, marking an exciting chapter for our organization. Leading the way as our newly elected president is the dynamic and experienced Reginald Vossen, CEO of BAN Flanders, based in Belgium.

With nearly 25 years of experience and an impressive track record of almost 500 realized deals, Reginald brings a profound understanding of entrepreneurship and angel investment to the table. We have full confidence in his ability to steer BAE towards new horizons, fostering growth and innovation within our network.

The composition of the new board reflects the geographical expansion that BAE has been witnessing, demonstrating our commitment to a diverse and inclusive representation across Europe. We are proud to introduce our esteemed board members: Jenny Tooth (UK), Lurdes Gramaxo (Portugal), Luigi Amati (Italy), Alain Pujol (France), Karel Obluk (Czech Republic), Ute Günther (Germany), Reginald Vossen (Belgium), Malin-Iulian Stefanescu (Romania), Philippe GLUNTZ (France), João Trigo da Roza (Portugal), René Reijtenbagh (Netherlands), Jacek Blonski (Poland), and Claire Munck (Belgium).

Full board members : Reginald Vossen, Luigo Amati, Jenny Tooth, Ute Guenther, René Reijtenbagh, Alain Pujol, Lurdes Gramaxo, Karel Obluk.

Independent board members: Philippe Gluntz, Malin Stefanescu, Jacek Blonski, Claire Munck, João Trigo da Roza.


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