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F. Members of the BAE Club

The BAE Club aims to connect the "best of breed" BA-networks and groups throughout Europe and Canada. To become member of this group, some requirements have to be met.

I.   A BAE-Club member must be a network with a strong track record with at least €1,5 million invested per year in the last 3 years. Membership is on an invite-only basis and needs to be approved by the BAE board.

II.       Members can originate from all European countries, whether a national association is present or not. The BAE-Club strives for a geographical spread and representation throughout Europe. It could envisage however, and specifically in case of strategic relevance, opening up membership to a network that does not meet all criteria.

III.     The management of the BAE-Club members engages itself to support the Club’s activities in general and its cross border pitching sessions in particular, and to actively promote the Club’s activities with its members/angels.

IV.      BAE Club members pay their membership fee timely.

V.        Ideally, BAE Club members should have a code of conduct for their members. 

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