What are the benefits for members?


Being part of BAE gives its members a unique opportunity to influence the EU policies & legislation, which might have an impact on the future of business angels and more widely early stage investing in Europe.


BAE membership allows you to:

  • Receive first-hand information regarding key issues of concern for business angels and related topics (e.g. access to finance, venture capital, crowdfunding, EU co-investment schemes etc);

  • Contribute to BAE’s responses to public consultations launched by the EU institutions;

  • Participate to high level events organized by European Institutions (meetings/workshops/conferences);

  • Get access and contribute to rigorous and comprehensive data published on business angels

  • Interact and share best practices with the key national business angels federations and trade associations.

  • Foster internationalization of start-ups and business angels, through the BAE club of selective top class networks of BANs across Europe.


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