President BAE Luigi Amati speaks at launch of second AFME Capital Markets Union report

On October 16, Business Angels Europe President Luigi Amati spoke during a breakfast panel session organised by The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME).

Business Angels Europe provided data input and policy recommendations for the second edition of the report “Capital Markets Union – Key Performance Indicators”. This second edition of AFME’s annual report tracks the progress of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) project through eight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

With many important stakeholders present, including from the European Commission, Amati stressed the urgency of speeding towards a Single Market for European start ups and angel investors: "There is a danger that Europe keeps generating a large number of startups but still see the best scaleups move to the U.S. or Asia for large rounds and IPOs. Furthermore, Europe already lost two waves of disruption in IT technology and bio technology, and were in the process of losing the AI revolution."

Please click here to read the report:


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