Luigi Amati re-elected President of BAE

During the meeting of the board of Business Angels Europe, Luigi Amati was chosen for another 2 year term as President. We want to thank and congratulate him for the work he has done to move Business Angels Europe to a next phase in its evolution: an association which is truly the voice of angel investing in Europe.

Luigi Amati is happy to continue working for a better climate for Business Angels in Europe: “I am happy to see that BAE has been able to expand its operations in the last two years. We have evolved to a strong organisation with one feet in Brussels and one feet in the trenches, thanks to our capacity building and cross-border activities with the national federations and the BAE Club. We feel the pulse of the market and we engage with the most important players on Europe's stage. The upcoming years our board looks forward to further the cause of Angel investing and reaching tangible results with the European institutions and our dedicated members around the continent.”