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BAE partners up with Atomico for their yearly European Tech Report

Every year Atomico releases a comprehensive, data-driven report to measure the State of European Tech. This year the report highlighted the challenges that European tech industry faced, such as economic struggles, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. BAE is proud to be a partner in this report and to contribute valuable data from our BAE club, as well as the informative inputs provided by our angels on the angel-survey.

BAE is dedicated to staying up to date about current trends and developments in the industry and were pleased to have played a role in the production of the report by offering valuable insights and perspectives on the European angel investing market. Our findings indicate that despite the difficulties the technology sector faced, the angel investment landscape has remained stable. Angel investors recognize that even in a difficult market, there are still promising startups with great potential for growth.

The Atomico report further shows us that funding for the current year began on a positive note, with a high level of investment activity in the early months. However, as the year progressed, funding and IPO activity tapered off, resulting in a decline in overall investment activity. This decline can be attributed to the ongoing economic and political challenges faced by the European tech industry. Furthermore, the report found that underrepresented founders have received less investment compared to their counterparts which highlights the need for more diversity in the investment landscape. Despite these trends, the report also noted that there is still a large amount of available funds for investment.