BAE launches the Women Angels Ambassador Club during the WA4E Conference in Paris

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

On the occasion of the project final conference on November 15 in Paris, BAE launched the Women Angels Ambassador Club. The launch confirmed the tremendous momentum of women angel investing. Stakeholders – men and women from all over Europe and the US – have signed in.

The goal of the Ambassador Club is for women to step in as angel investors and play their part in start-up and scale-up economy, to do more as angel networks to increase numbers of female investors.

During the afternoon event, we reviewed all lessons learned of the 6 countries of the project with inspirational angels and most importantly with the networks that support women angels to take their first steps and make their impact.

Our partners were joined by players from all over Europe, from VCs to entrepreneurs and other angel networks - all keen to continue to make things happen and to build momentum.

In the evening, at the 2nd Winday event in the Ministry for Digital Affairs, our angels had the chance to mingle with more than 400 investors and entrepreneurs. Our partners Florence Richardson, co-president of FBA and Jenny Tooth, CEO of UKBAA, took an attentive audience through the findings of the WA4E report: why do women start as business angel – or not, what can we do to see more of them taking the step, what European and national decision makers can change?

Make sure to check out the WA4E Twitter feed for the event for more thoughts, ideas and photos. 

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