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99 Angels Women Invest together - The Rising Tide Angel Investor Training Program

99 experienced women business angels will invest on behalf of 90 women in 7-10 deals in Europe over a 12-18 month period. Each of the 99 will be investing € 10 000 to € 30 000. 

The Rising Tide Angel Investor Training Program, in cooperation with the Kauffman Foundation, Rising Tide Fund/Next Wave USA and Go Beyond Investing, will be a fund of  €1+ million from 99 women investors all across Europe with some slots held open for colleagues in Africa, MENA and the USA for Early Stage Investments.  The Fund will invest in 7-10 deals over a 12-18 month period. The lead investors will be nine women with significant angel investing experience who want to support a new generation of angel investors (investing a minimum of € 10 000 each).  The other 90 investors will be women that are new and emerging angel investors (investing € 10 000 - € 25 000 each). All will be accredited investors.  7 of the 9 lead investors are now confirmed. In addition to investing alongside the 9 leads, the 90  women will access a comprehensive angel investing training program led. Go Beyond is leading the program in Europe in cooperation with the similar program in US led by The Next Wave/Kaufman.

An information session including the introduction of the 9 women leaders in angel investing will be held on July 1 at 13:00h CEST on Skype (ID is go.beyond.bridge).  If you are interested in joining as one of the 90, please contact Cindy Naegel, the project manager at

About the Rising Tide Angel Training Program

The Rising Tide Angel Training Program is an innovative way to learn-by-doing as an angel investor. The goals of the Rising Tide Angel Training Program are to increase women’s participation in angel investing and educate a new wave of angel investors.

Throught this programme a diversified portfolio of investments in terms of both sector and geography will be bulit. Training and educational materials will be provided online, in addition to webinars, monthly Q&A sessions, and deal room access.  Mentoring by women who are experienced angel investors as well as local, regional, and national events will compliment the experience. The program will also include access to a women’s investor summit in Boulder, Colorado in June 2016, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation.

To lear more about the programme click here.