BAE participated in the final conference of the Invest Horizon programme to discuss lessons learnt from the entrepreneurial & investor community across 53 countries, involving 850 investors and coaching 864 SMEs.  The programme, led by European Unlimited and Tech Tour was designed to increase investments made in innovative SMEs, from start-ups to mid-caps.
Although not directly involved in the project implementation, BAE was invited to contribute to the debates. As the European Commission has now started working on highly relevant and high-impact instruments to follow up on the Horizon 2020 framework programme, the panel discussions and expert sessions with the Commission, EIB and EIF proved most timely for BAE to articulate its policy & instruments proposals.   
BAE recommendations for the EU action focused on the following points (see below) and call for deepened coordination with the Member States to improve the legal and fiscal environment while drawing from the best, truly effective best practices on the ground:  

  • Defragmentation of the European market for business & angel investment;
  • Generating cross-border investment opportunities (mutual recognition approach, co-investment vehicles, cross-border facilities, promotion of efficient fiscal incentives);
  • Unlocking the largely untapped potential of women as angel investors (based on the recent groundbreaking research - you will be able to receive a copy of the survey via signing up for the WA4E newsletter here
  • Securing relevant benchmarks for EU, national & regional programmes: looking beyond the EU, (east and west) on an on-going basis to ensure instruments are not only relevant but also effective. This will require improved research into the European ecosystem and more robust data.